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Choosing the Right Pump

Bierschbach can help with all your dewatering needs. We sell and rent the most expansive line of pumps in the area from our partners at Multiquip and Godwin.

We can provide quick dewatering solutions from confined spaces with our electric submersible pumps. These pumps are compact, rugged, construction grade solutions. The submersible trash pumps can even remove solids up to 1” in diameter.

Do you need to move more gallons per minute than a submersible can handle? Do you need power without access to electricity? We can rent or sell you a Honda gas powered pump from Multiquip. We offer a 2” pump that can move up to 158 gallons per minute of clean water. Do you need to move solids too? Our 4” Multiquip trash pump can move up to 555 gallons per minute and can handle solids up to 2”.

What about sewer bypass and gravel pit dewatering? Bierschbach has you covered with our Xylem Godwin diesel pumps. These pump are some of the only self Dri-Prime pumps available in the market. These pumps are capable of handling thousands of gallons of water per minute and large solids too.

Call your local Bierschbach Equipment & Supply today to discuss your dewatering needs. We’re All In!