Common Temporary Heater Problems | Bierschbach

Common Temporary Heater Problems

Throughout the years we have compiled a list of the most common problems when installing or moving heaters to a new location. Most of these checks are very easy to do and will help get your heater up and running quicker.

heat wagon heater


  1. Low or incorrect gas pressure (follow manufactures recommendations)
  2. Low or incorrect ac voltage (use dedicated supply power)
  3. No ground lug on ac cord
  4. Reverse polarity on plug in (incorrect wiring on plug replacement)
  5. Incorrect ac supply cord size and length
  6. Improper exhaust duct sizing and diverters not being used (follow manufactures guidelines)
  7. Improper or no first stage regulator (follow manufactures guidelines)
  8. Improper size and length of gas supply line
  9. Insufficient vaporization at supply caused by improperly sized propane tank
  10. Improper enclosure (when heaters are installed partially to the outside for fresh air intake, follow manufactures guidelines for minimal clearance to combustibles)
  11. Improper ducting for air discharge (too long or coiled up causing restrictions)
  12. Using incorrect fuel type for ambient temperature