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Deep Cycle Battery Maintenance

With the increased use of battery powered equipment, proper battery maintenance is crucial to extend the life and performance of the battery. The flooded battery that is most commonly used in scissor lift applications requires weekly inspection and maintenance of the fluid level and cable connections. This is done by removing the caps and visually checking that the electrolyte level is just below the vent flange, you may need to add water to the cell to maintain this level.

Next you want to ensure that the cable connections are clean and tight. Cable connections may be cleaned with baking soda and water mixture or commercial battery terminal cleaners. Clean and tight connections provide even discharge and charge rates, thus extending run time and battery life.

Finally, the batteries need to be fully charged at the end of each shift. The on-board chargers are designed to properly bring the battery up to a full charge and provide a maintenance charge on the battery. The charge rate and time will vary depending on the state of discharge.

Checkout this video from Trojan Battery: