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DeWalt - A Cut Above

On any project, contractors will run into some form of cutting. This could be anything from concrete to rebar, or even a plumber cutting pipe. Any of these tasks can be labor intensive, noisy, and time consuming.

In 2017, DeWalt came out with their 60V concrete saw. With a 9” blade guard capable of taking a diamond blade for concrete/asphalt or an abrasive blade for cutting metal this saw can do it all. The blade size allows you to cut a surprising 3-1/4” depth. The ergonomic design and light weight allow for prolonged use with minimal fatigue. It has a brushless motor and beltless construction, which gives consumers the reliability they depend on. DeWalt did not stop there, an integrated water system keeps dust to a minimum when cutting indoors and out.

For more information on this versatile saw check it out on DeWalt’s web site or come see one at your nearest Bierschbach location.