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Gas Monitors, How important are they?

RKI Instruments / Gas Monitors

How important are they?

The use of gas monitors and other detectable equipment is a growing trend. Many jobsites and areas are requiring workers to have some sort of monitor in certain areas for safety. Gas monitors go back as far as 1938 when there were used. Mostly starting in the coal mines to check for oxygen and methane levels. The monitors have improved and are able to check several gases simultaneously over the years.

RKI Gas Monitor

One of the leaders is RKI Instruments. They have one of the smallest and lightest monitors on the market. It can operate up to 20 hours at a time with a charge time of 3 hours. It can log up to 100 calibration records.

At Bierschbach Equipment and Supply we do carry the popular GX-2009 4-Gas Monitor on hand. We are your source for all your construction and safety needs.

Data sheet for the GX-2009