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Geo Tree Concrete Cloth GCCM Project

Imagine being able to use concrete on slopes, in water, and in hard to reach places with no forms, no mixing, and minimal equipment. The City of Rapid City approached Bierschbach Equipment & Supply about a product to use for erosion or stabilization issues. We supplied this Concrete Cloth GCCM from Geo Tree Solutions that filled their needs. GCCM is Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat.

Rapid City drainage ditch

Concrete Cloth is flexible and will bend and curve allowing it to follow natural contours including ditches and slopes. Concrete Cloth installs in four easy steps.

  1. Roll it hanging over slopes or tunnels, lay in trenches and ditches.
  2. Secure it with staples, screws, or ties.
  3. Wet it, hydrate the cloth
  4. Reshape for up to 2 hours. Cures to 80% strength in 24 hours.

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Rapid City storm drain
Rapid City drainage