Its Hot Outside but Let’s Talk About Heaters Now! | Bierschbach

Its Hot Outside but Let’s Talk About Heaters Now!

Bierschbach has you covered for all your heating needs, big and small, with a range of options that include indirect fired and direct fired heating, a variety of fuel sources, and ground thaw heaters as well.

By planning now, Bierschbach can help make sure you are not left in the cold when the weather turns by having ample heating ready to go when you need it.

We offer top brands like Heat Wagon and Wacker Neuson and have an excellent service team to support you!

What is meant by Indirect Heat and why should I consider it?

Indirect heaters have an enclosed heat exchanger that indirectly heats the air going through the heater. This keeps the exhaust gases like carbon monoxide separate from the heated air, creating a safer environment for workers.

Additionally, because the exhaust is ducted outside, or remains outside depending on your setup, water vapor from combustion is not added to your building. This can prevent costly delays and dehumidification costs for drywalling and painting as well as making the jobsite a more comfortable place to be.

How to set up a consultation.

Just stop in or call Bierschbach Equipment and Supply. By answering a few questions, we can help you determine what type of heater you need, estimate how many BTU’s you will need to maintain your target temperature, and what the optimal setup will look like for heating and fuel efficiency.