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Raising the Bar

One of the most important but time consuming jobs in concrete construction is tying reinforcement steel. Whether it’s a foundation wall or a bridge deck mat, it takes thousands of wire ties. Up until the mid 1990's this task was done by hand requiring a lot of man hours.

In 1993 Max USA Corp introduced the first rebar tie gun and it changed forever how reinforcement steel was tied. Through the years Max Tools have launched and improved on new models on their tie guns. The capability of tying faster, tie larger numbered rebar, the introduction of the 3.0Ah Lithium ion battery. Those changes were improvements of the original design but the one knock against those guns was the exposure of the internal workings of the guns to the harsh environment where dirt and grime are commonplace. When tie guns are not maintained, they begin to misfire adding costs of sending tools in for repairs and having to revert back to hand tying rebar.

At the World of Concrete Max tools introduced the RB441T TWINTIER. At first glance one thing stands out about this tool, all gears and mechanisms are enclosed to protect them from the harsh environment they work in. Other features of this gun are they tie faster, ½ second per tie, they use less wire per tie for which there is cost savings. They tie tighter and the tying arm was designed thinner but made stronger and larger to handle larger combinations of numbered rebar.

Next time you swing into your Bierschbach Equipment location ask us about a demonstration of the New RB441T TwinTier gun. Better yet ask for a one day demo, chances are you won’t be bringing it back.