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Tencate Mirafi Geotextile Job

On September 29th, 2019 Bierschbach Equipment & Supply in Rapid City, SD received a phone call from Zandstra Construction of Rapid City, SD looking for geogrid pricing for the Fleet Farm Project in Rapid City. The geogrid was presented as a possible solution from a soil testing company, however the geogrid that was specified was not a product handled by Bierschbach Equipment and Supply.

This project was behind due to the wettest year on record, the weather not only presented problems with delays in construction, it also presented saturated sub-grade due to the excessive moisture. The southwest corner of the project site was particularly saturated due to a tremendous amount of ground water and runoff from the adjacent property. The area was so saturated that a person could not walk on the sub-grade without sinking in up to their knees in the mud, let alone be able to operate heavy equipment for construction and placement of concrete in this area.

This area was also the dock area which would be used by heavy truck traffic to deliver products to the store therefore having heavier loads than just a standard parking lot. The plans called for concrete paving to be placed in this area as well.

Upon getting specifics from the testing company, such as CBR values, the Bierschbach location in Rapid City worked with Tencate/Mirafi and decided that the RSi stabilization and separation products instead of a grid, which only provides stabilization and does not provide separation from the mud and the material placed on the grid, was the best product for the application. We then presented them with RS380i and RS580i products along with reports based on the specifics provided to us by the testing company in Rapid City. The contractor and engineers eventually decided on the RS580i product. Installation of the RS580i itself also presented a challenge with the heavily saturated area, however the material was installed and 8” of base course was installed over the top of the RS580i thus producing a stable sub-grade on which the concrete paving could be placed.