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Tips for your Pneumatic Tools

During the busy season one thing that gets forgotten is maintenance on tools and equipment. By doing these things, the time and money you will save by doing just some normal maintenance will be beneficial to your company. Take a few extra minutes in the morning before you start your tools and do the following things and to help avoid downtime.

  1. Did you know that most pneumatic construction tools are NOT to be ran at more than 90 PSI?
  2. Pressure drop per 100’ of 3⁄4” air hose is roughly 7PSI.
  3. When lubricating your air tools make sure to use air tool oil NOT anything else.
  4. Cleanout the air hose before hooking up air tools.
    1. Point the end of the hose away from your body.
    2. Open air valve on compressor for 5 seconds to clean out debris.
  5. If you are using a pneumatic breaker, make sure your bits are not dull. A dull bit will not transfer power from the tool to the concrete properly.
  6. Keep constant down pressure on the tool, will save on the tool and operator.
  7. To prevent freeze up in the colder temperatures, use an airline deicing tool with proper deicing fluids. The deicing fluids need to be environmentally safe, do NOT use automotive deicers.