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Tire Damage On Lifts

A common question heard, “When should a damaged tire be replaced?” The following is a guideline that will help you make that decision.

Pneumatic Tires: 
If there are any cuts, rips or tears that expose sidewall or tread area cords in the tire, remove the tire from service immediately. Arrangements must be made for replacement of the tire or tire assembly.

Polyurethane foam filled tires:

Remove the tire from service immediately and make arrangements for replacement of the tire or tire assembly when any of the following conditions are discovered:

  • A smooth, even cut through the cord plies which exceeds 3 inches in total length

  • Any tears or rips (ragged edges) in the cord plies which exceeds 1 inch in any direction

  • Any punctures which exceed 1 inch in diameter

  • Any damage to the bead area cords of the tire

If a tire is damaged but is within the above noted criteria, the tire must be inspected on a daily basis to insure the damage has not propagated beyond the allowable criteria.