2200-WHITE Series Concrete Curing Compound | Bierschbach

Manufacturer W.R.Meadows


The 2200-WHITE series includes 2245-, 2250- and 2255-WHITE. These ready-to-use concrete curing compounds are high solids, white-pigmented, and poly-alphamethylstryene-based. These formulations were developed for various departments of transportation as premium-grade concrete curing compounds. The 2200-WHITE series offers rainfall protection typically within four hours of application, developing sufficient hardness and film integrity.

The 2200-WHITE series is white-pigmented to reflect the sunu0092s rays. This maintains cooler concrete, which reduces the expansive and contractive stresses that cause cracking during the hydration process. When properly applied, each product in the 2200-WHITE series provides a tough, smooth, uniform film with excellent adhesion to the fresh concrete surface, producing high quality, durable concrete.

Offers protection from de-icing salts on new concrete.
Ready for use and easily applied.
Excellent moisture retention.
Does not react with the ingredients in Portland cement concrete.
Furnishes a white-pigmented film, allowing for cooler concrete during the hydration process.
Improved abrasion resistance of concrete surface.


5 Gallon Pails

55 Gallon Drums

Unless directed by application specifications, the rate of coverage should be approximately 200 ft.2/gal.

When stored indoors in original, unopened containers at temperatures between 40u00b0 u0096 90u00b0 F optimum performance and best use is obtained within one year of date of manufacture.


Surface Preparation u0085 If the surface of the concrete is clean and free of foreign matter, no further preparation is required. If foreign matter, such as dirt and dust, has accumulated on the surface, it should be removed before applying the compound. If surface moisture has evaporated, as in the case of formed concrete, or the concrete is beginning to dry out, best curing is obtained if the concrete is wetted before application of a 2200-WHITE series product. NOTE: The concrete surface should be moist, but free of standing water. Once the concrete will accept walking workmen without marring, the surface is ready for the application of any 2200-WHITE series product.

Mixing u0085 Any settling in the drums can be re-dispersed with gentle agitation prior to use. CAUTION: TO AVOID FOAMING, DO NOT MIX EXCESSIVELY.

Application Method u0085 Apply curing compound to the surface of the concrete with spray equipment, such as a Chapin 1949 with 0.5 GPM spray nozzle, as soon as possible after the moisture has left the surface. Spray equipment should be capable of spraying a smooth, uniform coat.
Workmen should not track across freshly poured concrete until after the concrete is coated with the curing compound and the film has dried thoroughly.

Drying Time u0085 The product dries in approximately one hour. Restrict foot traffic for at least four hours.

Cleanup u0085 Clean equipment promptly with mineral spirits or other suitable petroleum distillate.

Keep from freezing. Do not apply on interior surfaces. Do not apply when the temperature of the concrete is less than 40u00b0 F. DO NOT MIX WATER-BASED COMPOUNDS WITH ANY COMPOUND CONTAINING SOLVENT. SEPARATION WILL OCCUR.

In areas in the South Coast Air Quality Management District in California, the product is for use on roadways and bridges only. (Not for use on curbs and gutters, sidewalks, islands, driveways, and other miscellaneous concrete areas.)

May help contribute to LEED credits:
IEQ Credit 4.2: Low-Emitting Materials: Paints and Coatings
MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management
MR Credit 5: Regional Materials