Blast-Off | Bierschbach

Manufacturer nox-crete


Safely and effectively removes concrete and mortar splatter and buildup from all types of equipment. Blast-Off rapidly softens concrete to be basted away by a power washer. When sprayed with a pump foamer, Blast-Off is ready to use and creates a thick, rich foam that clings to horizontal, vertical and overhead surface for increased efficiency.

Use On Any Aluminum, Steel,
Plastic, Fiberglass, Glass,
Rubber Or Painted Metal Surfaces.

Ideal For Drum Mixers, Batching
Equipment, Forms Accessories,
Paving Machines, Concrete Pumps,
Power Screeds, Power Trowels,
Scaffold Jacks, Power Buggies,
Scaffolding, Hand Tools More

Available in convenient 2.6 5.2 gallon bag-in-the-box packaging which is 100% recyclable!