Urethabond 111 | Bierschbach

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URETHABOND 111 has non-yellowing, nonchalking properties combined with excellent abrasion, chemical, solvent and good heat resistance properties. It provides excellent gloss retention and will continue to retain a high gloss through many years of service.

It is suggested, therefore, as a high performance finish coat in the following areas:

Chemical Process Industries
Water and Waste Treatment
Pulp and Paper Mills
Mass Transit Vehicles
Marine Environments
Bridges and Structural Steel
Industrial/Commercial Floors
Locomotives and Railcars
Galvanized Steel Building Panels
High Performance Architectural
Heavy-Duty Maintenance in Hostile Environments
Cementitous Substrates

URETHABOND 111 can be applied over a wide variety of properly prepared and primed substrates including structural steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum, concrete, plastics and galvanized steel. In some cases it is self priming, but it is generally used as a topcoat over URETHABOND 104, URETHABOND 109, WEARCOAT 497, and WEARCOAT 499 primers.